Ceramics Re-interpretation Derby Museums

Just a quick update this evening. I’ve signed up to the University of Leicester Museum Studies MA MOOC ‘behind the scenes at the 21st Century Museum’. Today I got a little more under the skin of the re-interpretation, understanding how the project has been conceived and how the feedback on the Project Lab had been actualised into the final solution.

Things are still very much in flux. Like I said before, because the work has to be completed during closed hours, so we are essentially double handling in places – taking some items out of cabinets to put them back in again.

The vinyls are gradually being replaced for plain white backgrounds and the proto-type stands made from acrylics are being used to display some of the items in the week between work sessions to give the public a chance to feed back and the experience to bed in – for both the co-production team, other staff and visitors.

Today I assisted with some packing and organising storage. As well as trying to document the process more, as you shall see below.


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