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Between July 2017 and May 2019, I worked as a lived experience practitioner within NHS England in a variety of capacities, across the Personalised Care Group and increasingly more widely as my profile becomes better known.

Speaking to NHS England staff at an awareness session on mental health personalisation.

Specialities: Mental health, autism and autistic individuals, Personal Health Budgets, personalisation of care, Section 117 ‘Right to Have’, research and evaluation

Projects I have contributed to include:

  • Speaking at the IPC ‘Residential’ in 2017
  • Developing the new adult mental health reading list for the Reading Agency , along with associated creative and marketing materials
  • Speaking alongside Sir Bruce Keogh to raise awareness of autism at NHS England Skipton House
  • Co-chairing the Mental Health Steering Group for the Personalised Care Group
  • Co-producing the mental health narrative for the NHS England Personalised Care Group
  • Training NHS England IPC staff on mental health personal health budgets and IPC
  • Contributed towards national surveys examining the use of Personal and Integrated Budgets
  • Co-producing content for the learning disability and autism team’s ‘Listen, Act, Do’ work, which aims to improve the feedback and complaints experience for people with autism and/or learning differences.
  • Developing film content for audiences discussing mental health, personalisation of care and autism.
  • Writing content for the NHS England blog
  • Creating hashtags for NHS England campaigns
  • Developing an evaluation of mental health personal health budgets success in England.

This work is ongoing and as such the focus may develop differently over time. Examples of latest projects can be found in my blog.

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