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Lunar21 aim’s to be the thinking space for Derby where people can ask the difficult questions that have no obvious answers. It’s premise is based upon the original Lunar Society; a group of enlightenment individuals gathering to experiment and question established thought, with a good bit of science and philosophy thrown in.

Founder, Graham Bennett, is a long time citizen of the city and has championed it’s causes for at least the last fifteen years. He had established Lunar21 as a regular biannual event, presenting a diverse range of topics with one thing in common; Derby and it’s future.

I became involved in 2015. Graham recognised that there was a need for a dedicated website and greater digital engagement, but lacked the resources to make this happen on his own.

SInce that time we have developed the online brand to include a new website, and email design, inspired by the original Lunar visual concept. Accompanying this is a full content strategy, creation and dissemination, expanding the two live events each year to six monthly ‘topics’, together with an overarching thread of telling Derby’s stories, taking a cut down the ecosystem of the city. Small community projects and individuals are as important at the doings of the city council and Derby Museums.

Over the same period of time we have doubled the number of Twitter followers (and growing) and begun promoting as many worth causes and events in Derby as we can.

Greater levels of engagement have allowed us to reach much greater audiences, and the blog contributions have demonstrated the true breadth of innovation taking place in Derby; from writing by Derby Quad CEO Adam Buss, to the organisation of community eating, People’s Kitchen. At the end of 2015 Lunar21 became an official partner of Derby Museums Trust, opening a new chapter in the organisation’s history and scope.

Having established Lunar21 as a regular event on the Derby cultural landscape, Jen identified the lack of web-site presence and offered support for establishing this.

Discussions identified content, design and functionality requirements, which Jen built on to achieve the web-site that can be seen today.

In addition, opportunities have been taken to get the message out, through the innovation of guest bloggers and social media activities.

What I¹ve noticed have been:
–  Having engaged potential bloggers with a clear brief as to what is required, bloggers have responded with enthusiasm and web-site content has grown considerably;
–  The introduction of an on-line easy booking facility for events, has provided a trouble free process for ‘Œcustomers’ and event organisers now have access to a list of attendees for analysis and use on the door; and
–  The establishment of a social media presence and management of twitter and other outlets has led to a steady number of people signing up for the web-site.

All of this has been achieved through the application of experience, a creative mind, and the taking of initiative in response to opportunities.

Graham Bennett, Lunar21 Founder


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