Below is a list of projects I have been involved in:

Derby Homes Board Member

My work as a tenant board member of Derby Homes , drawing upon the experience I have as a tenant and the wider professional knowledge and skills I have relating to health and research.

Derbyshire Work

Since 2018 the work I have done in Derby City and Derbyshire has been increasingly focused on healthcare, mental health and the specific needs of autistic people, with organisations such as Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Derbyshire Community Health Services and the county Autism Partnership Board (APB).

NHS England Strategic Co-production in Personalisation

Bringing a live experience perspective to neurodiversity and autism in mental health for personalisation in healthcare.

The Reading Agency ‘Adult Mental Health’ List

Working within a wider focus group to create a new adult mental health reading list, with a strong focus on lived experience, including marketing and promotion and content.

Derby Museums Volunteer Badges

Co-created a range of badges for use by Trust volunteers designed to draw out different aspects of the sites, collectiond and objects of special interest. Designed to be made sustainably.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery ‘Notice Nature’ film AVES

A short film piece created from the archive of photographs collected during the redevelopment of the Living History Gallery, which is now called ‘Notice Nature’. The images are set to the music, Aves, commissioned by composer Richard Birkin, which is played at noon each day in the gallery.

Lunar21 Website and Digital Engagement

Working with Derby’s independent thinktank to increase their reach and engagement via digital channels, as well as organisational branding and direction.

Open Community Project Lab

Working with a group of Art, Culture and Heritage professionals to create interventions and solutions where there is a customer experience.

‘Digital Mums’ MentorĀ 

Developing the skills of a mum who is retraining as a Social Media Manager for Hackney based social enterprise ‘Digital Mums’.