” Jenn identified a beautiful opportunity to work closely with other volunteers, to design a sequence of badges inspired by iconic objects in Derby Museum’s collection.

Jenn led the co-production process, calling out for suggested objects and using votes and ideation sessions to arrive at six key pieces. These six reflected the differences in offer at our three venues and lent themselves to a laser cut process from a drawn line design. She worked with a talented illustrator, Andy Thornton, to realise the six compelling designs.

Underpinning the aesthetics was a desire to move away from the existing plastic volunteer badge and create a badge that could be personally selected and acted as a gift to volunteers.

We were delighted with these well considered and beautifully made badges, and impressed with the open, inspiring process that led to them being created.”

Andrea Hadley-Johnson, Derby Museum Co-production Head

” At Derby Museums Trust we have lots of volunteers who work across the organisation in a variety of roles and in many of our wonderful galleries helping members of the public engage with our collections. Our volunteer identity badges were very ‘corporate’ and didn’t seem fitting, given that we are an organisation that prides itself on creativity.

Working alongside an illustrator, Jenn collaborated with the volunteer group to establish themes and iconic images to represent their areas of collection-interest and speciality. She then looked at materials and production methods to create a stunning set of laser-cut badges that could be worn on lanyards thus giving the volunteers a unique identity. As an organisation, we are extremely delighted with what Jenn has achieved, as this embraces creativity, co-production and she has also manufactured a product in-house that our volunteers are proud to wear. “

Janine Derbyshire, Head of Visitor Experience, Derby Museums Trust

“In December 2017 Jenn came to the Integrated Sexual Health Services clinic based in London Road Community Hospital to provide us with feedback about her experience of using our service. Jenn gave a well thought out, well-articulated, honest account of her experiences which was powerful and thought-provoking. Jenn’s approach was constructive and supportive and had all present engaged with her story. Jenn was a great ambassador for life-long conditions and helped to increase the awareness of autism, dyspraxia and Disordered Sensory Processing.

Her story has brought about positive changes to our service, we continue to improve to be adaptive and flexible in meeting the specific needs of our patients, and to do this we’d like to be able to work more with Jenn. We’d like to have Jenn’s expert patient opinions and views to support training or our staff as well as support us in how we shape our service delivery model to meet the needs of the population we care for.”

Sean McVeigh,
General Manager Integrated Sexual Health Services,
Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

“Jenn is a natural speaker who engages with the audience and conducts herself in a relaxed, friendly way, with lots of interesting insights up her sleeve.”

Dr Tuppy Owen, SH&DA / The Outsider’s Club

“Having been impressed by Jenn’s persuasive advocacy skills,  I was delighted that she was available as a speaker at our recent meeting. She commands an audience effortlessly.”

Professor Claire de Than, SH&DA / Law Commissioner