Writing and Publications

Here’s a selection of web links where I’ve guest blogged or which have posted features about me, or other media I have appeared in:

I co-authored a report examining the use and success of personal health budgets in mental health to promote recovery and personalisation in mental health support services.

McPinn, the national mental health research charity accepted a pitch I made to write about the unmet mental health needs for autistic women, which linked into the work for the ‘Words That Carry On’ fund which was hosted in memory on Lindsay Riddoch.

The local mental health trust I work with includes an excellent mental health library on site and which promotes the adult mental health reading list I worked on, with the Reading Agency. The trust magazine covered this, alongside one of the psychologists whose book was also included.

I co-authored an article with my Occupational Therapist about the shared experience of assessing and supporting me with Sensory Integration Occupational Therapy as an adult, an area in which there is little experience coupled with great demand.

I spoke at the Nottingham Mad Carnival in September about my experiences of mental distress and what hooping has brought to my experience and recovery. Some photos of my exploration were taken and also partially contributed towards a poem inspired by the speakers and participants.

NHS England used a post written for this blog to launch the autumn 2017 application process for the second  Peer Leadership Academy cohort of the year.

Rightside Group create innovative domain name suffixes, including .rocks! They run a great blog feature on the range of sites choosing of their diverse range of domain name endings, and I got interviewed.

Jenni Fuchs is a museum consultant and mum to two young boys, as well as having an amazing sense of style. She regularly features museum families from around the world in her blog museumdiary.com. We were lucky enough to be featured in 2016.