Personal Health Budget – update

A few interesting propositions have come about as a result of my application for a Personal Health Budget (PHB).

The first was participating in the Derbyshire PHB Peer Network. Off the back of this I applied for the NHS National PHB Leadership Academy. I was supposed to go for an interview this week as the final part of the process, but was really excited to receive a call today from a lovely lady called Rita from People Hub inviting me to join on the strength of my written application alone.

The short chat I had with Rita was fascinating. Her original co-founders were full-time carers and it was inspiring to hear about how people who have significant commitments relating to health and wellbeing have been able to carve out a niche that supports their own experience of the gaps they found in services they used.

I spoke to the Commissioning Manager about this and she added that she would like to record a video of me for the Derbyshire website, which be another great piece to participate in.

Last but not least, Gaynor Ward, the Nurse Consultant who supported my application would like to write a journal article of the success of my work with Alison Harris, my Occupational Therapist of the Local Therapy Company.

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