Nic Turner

Every so often you have the pleasure to meet someone who really stands out from the crowd in terms of their approach and attitude to living. One such person crossed my path at the last Lunar21 event in November 2015, looking at the ‘power of co-creation‘.

His name was Nic Turner and he was sitting directly behind me in the audience, asking insightful questions. I took the chance to grab his contact details and since then have met three times. Nic originates from the same neck-of-the-woods as me, Sutton Coldfield; in the strange lands that are the East Midlands where I now reside hearing the accent of God’s own country is a treat, as were the varied and creative topics we covered.

Nic has specialised in creative change management and business consultancy, working for a company called ‘Now Here‘, hired by some of the largest brands in the world to help them develop innovation. Luckily for me, he also lives just up the road in Derbyshire and was looking for opportunities to give something back to his local community. Nic has led the Lunar21 team on a journey that we are still following, and all immensely enjoying. He seems to have jumped on board for the ride, which we are all looking forward to.

Nic’s latest project is the development of the-land, and eight acre site in Derbyshire which is held for retreats throughout the year.

I’ve included a video below of Nic speaking about leadership in the 21st Century, however, as I am discovering, there are many facets to him.

It is so nice to meet people who expand out your world view.  I spent a long time lamenting the fact that my career seemed to be over, when I got ill. I think this was a healthy process to go through, however in order to grow you need to move forward. Nic’s philosophy is one of finding the value in your moment, wherever and however that might be. It is a truthful one – as I am finding out. if you can be open to opportunity they reveal themselves to you every day.

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