March in photos

A few pictures from my travels in March 2017 🙂


A beautiful spring morning on a walk in Cambridge visiting a friend. A moment that took my breath away and I tried to capture, but didn’t really succeed.

Inspiring thoughts from the International Women’s Day Festival held in Derby in 2017. 
Amazing Lego exhibition at the Harley Gallery in Mansfield. We did go dressed as dinosaurs, why not?
Loved this vertical Lego graffiti wall. Didn’t need to say much else really.
Beautiful sinuous shapes in the trees, soon to be covered in greenery. #noticenature
From the muse’s point of view…
Taken on the sly, hence being a bit shaky but worth it to record the method of eating breakfast for posterity. Apparently he didn’t think to get a bowl.
Loved the sense of scale in this one

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