July in Photos

A few moments in July, from the point of view of my camera…

A self purchased birthday present of Godiva chocolates
A treat to myself after I quite smoking – Godiva chocolates
A cheeky sneak across the landing to dad's room.
A tired monkey asleep in daddy’s bed
Strange wrestler wall art
We tried and love Bodega in Derby, a new South American canteen
Sweet smelling and even better tasting onions
Onions from the allotment.
Lovely new turquoise pumps
New shoes, a bargain from a local charity shop expedition
Brainstorming personalised care
Thinking about what personal health budgets can offer people with long term conditions.
My little helper at home, Mr. Big Ears
You see lots of pictures of cat assistants in suitcases, but not many rabbits…
A cheeky monkey in a dinosaur suit visits Nottingham Wolatton Hall
The mummy-raptor is spotted at the Chinosuars in Nottingham – great photo opportunity
Does my foot look big in this?
A fantastic experiential learning solution to keep kids busy waiting in a queue.
Healthy as hell
Paleo breakfast with homemade salad
Derby underpass art
Local graffiti discovered on a bike ride – this was the clean stuff

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