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A great friend of mine (and amazing artist to boot) is a chap called Guy Evans. We met through life classes he ran in Derby several years ago, which I attended first as a pupil and then as a life model.

I built Guy’s website for him whilst on a stay in the Crisis House in October 2015 and we have worked together privately on and off for a while since then.

Guy surprised me with a simply amazing painting last week which made me quite emotional.

Guy has drawn me a lot, but has always said that he strives to demonstrate the person as an image rather than creating a realistic representation. Given the emotional turmoil I have undergone since we have known each other, it felt like someone had reached inside and pulled out the whirlwind that exists there unseen.

The loops and whorls reminded me of hooping but also of the lack of identity I have experienced.

I am so grateful to have been the subject and inspiration for such an insightful piece of work. Although I would not go as far as calling myself a muse (but it does have such a great ring to it), yet, some of the positive feelings I am getting from seeing this are allowing me to explore the emotional relationship between an artist and model when it develops along an emotional spectrum.

Thank you Guy xxxx

Guy Evans Artist image


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