Covid-19 lock down in photos

Although I have found lock down incredibly stressful and challenging, as most people have, a review of my photo stream on Google of the last five months reveals just how much fun, love and enjoyment we have had together since we all started socially distancing in March. 

Highlights for me have included developing my sour-dough bread baking, visits to Cleethorpes and Derbyshire to go wild swimming and visit the coast, home-made birthday cakes, den-building and sleepovers as well as butterfly hatching and spending a lot of time in the garden. I’ve also taken on a new allotment plot, got rid of some really toxic relationships and taken the time to assess my life before beginning my PhD in October.

I have learned a lot about myself and my family in this time and I love the fact that I had the mind to take photos of so much so that we can look back on the Covid-19 pandemic and some point in the future and reflect on what we gained as well as what we struggled through.


Sourdough gluten free bread
A train park discovered on an early morning walk in Derby
Face planted sleepovers
A view from a hill in the Derbyshire Peak District
Jenn's hastily assembled birthday cake
A den created in a green hammock
M holding a painted lady butterfly
M's door sign asking for consultation fees
A sunset walk on a beach at Cleethorpes
Playing in the sand on a sunny day
Pink blossom on a tree in the street
A cat squashed between two pillows