Autistic parenting an autistic child

Being an autistic parent, to someone who may also turn out to be an autistic little person can be really hard. Since M was a baby, I have picked up the subtleties of his way of being that whispered to me about him also being somewhere on the spectrum. When he was a baby he […]

The memory of trees

This week I was walking and the trees spoke to me. They told me of their memories. These trees we plant, interspersed between our tarmaced roads, and brick boxes. That we cut and maim and kill as we desire. These trees remember and they weep. They remember the primordial forests, where they ruled the land […]

I am Autistic

My name is Jenn and I am autistic. It could however just be that my name is autistic and I am Jenn. You see both these concepts are interchangeable in my head; existing the same space. They join my other identities as a mum, a fashion designer,  a digital marketing professional, a business owner and […]

Social change, and how it is like making sand.

This week, alongside several other people, I am about to embark and what will probably turn into a lengthy and complex complaint regarding my treatment within the NHS. This is sadly the third time I have had to undertake such a journey. The previous two related to both my experience as an inpatient and also […]

Support spaces in Derby

There are umpteen different local and national phone lines available for people who are experiencing distress or looking for someone to talk to, but having been in this situation myself these can often feel lacking. I have recently become aware of several community based projects specifically designed to support the citizens of Derby face-to-face, at […]