New Art Gallery, Walsall: 4th April 2016

So I visited the New Art Gallery in Walsall about 5 weeks before the time of writing and have only got the chance to to my write up. Although my recollections are a little hazy, I luckily know the gallery and its collections really well. Nothing has really changed since I used to visit regularly […]

National Brewery Centre – 15th February 2016.

So one of the challenges I set myself was to visit as many curated heritage, arts or culture experiences as possible to develop my professional response to these and gain access to a wide range of experiences – within and without areas that I find of personal interest. We used to live in Burton and […]

Audience Feedback sheet

I did a small piece of work with the Audience Development Coordinator at Derby Museums, revising¬†the online audience feedback report. This is provided to the Trustees and staff through out the museum to give people an opportunity to see what is being said about the Trust’s venues. The original format was a number of reviews […]

Nottingham Contemporary visit

I decided to try a second visit the to the Nottingham Contemporary last weekend, after reading good things about their children’s activities. I invited one of my friends from Derby Museums along, who also has a son slightly younger than M as another point of view. The first time I visited I had more of […]

Reading links

Here is what has interested me in the last few weeks online: A library of ‘things lets you borrow interesting stiff as well as books – looking at how public buildings can become more useful and reinventive n the 21st Century. A Kickstarter funded PC game explores grief and allows a developer to come to […]

Ceramics Re-interpretation Derby Museums

Just a quick update this evening. I’ve signed up to the University of Leicester Museum Studies MA MOOC ‘behind the scenes at the 21st Century Museum’. Today I got a little more under the skin of the re-interpretation, understanding how the project has been conceived and how the feedback on the Project Lab had been […]

Ceramic reinterpretation – Derby Museums

On the 11th January The co-production team began the work to reinterpret the ceramics exhibition in the Derby Museum cafe. The team, led by Andrea H-J, had been collecting feedback on the display for a while, both via Twitter and in person from Project Labs and general feedback left in the cafe. As the work […]

Wrapping with Jane Bevan

I spent a second day working with Jane, this time focusing on cutting and fringing using some beautiful exotic bark acquired Jane from a nursery. I also spent some time with Jane and Andrea as they began to curate the vessels ¬†created for the Inspired by Nature gallery installation. The space is partially constructed and […]