A few gems from the mouths of babes this month: Logie: logo, as in the things cars have on their fronts Squeakquins: sequins, obvs. Moddled up: Muddled up Fighty: how you feel just before you punch your friends, but not so serious that you don’t want to be their friend any more. Quote of the […]

Mylo sitting in the back of the car “Mummy, can I please have some more Loch Ness?” Me driving and mystified “Loch Ness?” Mylo, “Yes, Loch Ness.” Me, “What about Loch Ness?” Mylo, getting stroppy, “Yes, LOCH NESS, you know…” Me, getting worried “Mylo, Loch Ness is a deep lake in Scotland with a monster […]

Yorkshire Sculpture Park | Museum Visit

On a blazing hot Bank Holiday Monday this August, I took Mylo up to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to explore with the friend who accompanied me the first time I went nearly 8 years ago. The weather was terrible then. I remember drinking tea huddled into each other coats in an effort to remain defrosted. […]

Poo and wee machines

So I decided to record some of the delightful conversations I have with my son including the following: Mylo:”Mummy, I’m going to make a machine that you put water and poo and playdough in and it makes poo and wee. Then it’s going to poo on your head. ” Me: “But Mylo, if you put […]