Things kids say.., in August

A few gems from the mouths of babes this month:

Logie: logo, as in the things cars have on their fronts

Squeakquins: sequins, obvs.

Moddled up: Muddled up

Fighty: how you feel just before you punch your friends, but not so serious that you don’t want to be their friend any more.

Quote of the month: “I keep smacking myself in the head. I’m a smackhead.”

And my hasn’t he grown?

Loch Ness? Who knew?

Mylo sitting in the back of the car “Mummy, can I please have some more Loch Ness?”

Me driving and mystified “Loch Ness?”

Mylo, “Yes, Loch Ness.”

Me, “What about Loch Ness?”

Mylo, getting stroppy, “Yes, LOCH NESS, you know…”

Me, getting worried “Mylo, Loch Ness is a deep lake in Scotland with a monster living in it. I really don’t know what you want with it.”

Mylo, “LOCH NESS MUMMY! The thing daddy made the other day!”

Me, “Aaahhh, Eton Mess! Yes of course we can have some babe.”


Yorkshire Sculpture Park | Museum Visit

On a blazing hot Bank Holiday Monday this August, I took Mylo up to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to explore with the friend who accompanied me the first time I went nearly 8 years ago. The weather was terrible then. I remember drinking tea huddled into each other coats in an effort to remain defrosted. Luckily this time was considerably warmer, so I got to spend more time appreciating the sculpture and less time dodging the pouring rain.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 001

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 002


The YSP is one huge art space set out over acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and natural English countryside. Originally a stately home, and then a college of art amongst other incarnations, the YSP are currently undertaking a sensitive and gentle restoration of the grounds and architecture. The sculpture and newer structures blend beautifully with what remains from the past. The overall affect, with the sculpture, landscape and buildings is one of balance; with old and new coexisting alongside. It is a shame that this cannot be achieved as successfully in many other places.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 010

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 007

Highlights of the day included seeing how Mylo, who is four, interacted with the environment in a completely different way to adults. We pulled faces, discussed reflections, climbed, crawled and touched. The wildlife was beautiful and the cows weren’t bad either. The walk around the main lake includes a farm animals section which include some particularly impressive Highland Bulls.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 003

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 014

The range of pieces of permanent display is impressive. Classic Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore synchronise with challenging modern examples. Some of the latter resemble abandoned plastic bags and a smashed up garden pathway. The sheer scale of the site and the sculpture within it make it art on an unprecedented scale. A great experience for children, and a lesson in size, stature and lots of walking.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 013

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 009

The temporary exhibitions were located inside and outside the space. Outside, monolithic cartoon characters waved and smiled, whilst towering over you like extras from some sick fantasy in the mind of a War-of-the-Worlds alien. Inside, we discovered a craft and print exhibition. The curation and space they were in seemed ill-considered by comparison. Located upstairs along what I can only describe as a corridor in certain places, we were squeezed in alongside other visitors and forced to crane our necks in an effect to see the pieces, as there was no space to step back and admire them from the distance they deserved. Perhaps because the rest of the site is so well put together the prints seemed a little pale by comparison; even then the subject matter, craft and retro styled images seemed ill-at-odds with the sculpture and modern space.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 004

Yorkshire Sculpture Park 006

For families the day is second to none, as long as you have the weather. There is a very pricey cafe available but my advice would be not to bother and pack a picnic, making use of the glorious rolling lawns to enjoy your food. We ventured in for a coffee at the end of the day, and I was not terribly impressed. We had to wait 10 minutes to find a table and even then it was covered in dirty plates. The staff member making the coffee had to redo my order 3 times as it was wrong and was them unable to find our table to deliver it to us.

Definitely visit. Check the weather and take a picnic. Don’t bother to pay for parking on the day, you can do it online up to a week afterwards. The queues were 20 minutes when we went.


Poo and wee machines

So I decided to record some of the delightful conversations I have with my son including the following:

Mylo:”Mummy, I’m going to make a machine that you put water and poo and playdough in and it makes poo and wee. Then it’s going to poo on your head. ”

Me: “But Mylo, if you put food and water into you, your body makes poo and wee. Are you a poo and wee machine?”

Mylo (looking put out and cross): “No mummy, it’s going to be a machine I make that you put playdough and poo and water in and then it’s going to poo on your head!”