Yorkshire Sculpture Park | Museum Visit

On a blazing hot Bank Holiday Monday this August, I took Mylo up to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park to explore with the friend who accompanied me the first time I went nearly 8 years ago. The weather was terrible then. I remember drinking tea huddled into each other coats in an effort to remain defrosted. […]

Week’s readings

Why we eat too much and how we can stop (RSA) The content strategy of the National Trust How the SFMoMA approach story telling across all media¬†– lovely approach and philosophy Thoughts on ‘what’s on’ listings for museum and culture websites – by Chris Unitt Tate creates ‘Recognition’, using AI to match up current photojournalism […]

This week’s readings

A look at YouTube Shakesperian vlogs, bringing the Bard to a new and younger audience. How technology has affected the views and working practice of younger artists ‘Display at your own risk’ explores issues of digital copyright of original works of art owned by institutions Mix the City from the British Council. Amazing multi-cultural sounds […]

How do you?

How do you tell your child that you’re autistic? When do you tell him that the way your brain works, the way you feel and think and perceive is different to the way he thinks and feels and perceives? That he is like the 99% of other people on this planet who seem illogical and […]

Strawberries – one of my favourite poems

I first came across this during my ‘A’ level English Literature, and I’ve adored it ever since… There were never strawberries like the ones we had that sultry afternoon sitting on the step of the open french window facing each other your knees held in mine the blue plates in our laps the strawberries glistening […]

Poo and wee machines

So I decided to record some of the delightful conversations I have with my son including the following: Mylo:”Mummy, I’m going to make a machine that you put water and poo and playdough in and it makes poo and wee. Then it’s going to poo on your head. ” Me: “But Mylo, if you put […]

New Art Gallery, Walsall: 4th April 2016

So I visited the New Art Gallery in Walsall about 5 weeks before the time of writing and have only got the chance to to my write up. Although my recollections are a little hazy, I luckily know the gallery and its collections really well. Nothing has really changed since I used to visit regularly […]

In Bristol for the Open Data Camp

So I’ve been in Bristol since Friday afternoon attending the Open Data Unconference in the Watershed building on the city’s floating harbour. The weather has been beautiful and I was lucky enough to be travelling with a friend who knows the city well. I’ll hopefully get more time to write about the event and also […]