About Me

Age: Somewhere is my thirties.  when_I_found_you

Home town: Birmingham, UK

Currently residing: Sunny Midlands

Interests: the digital society, museums and culture, learning, my family, social justice, the autistic point-of-view, drawing, crafting, meditation, high intensity interval training. creativity

Dislikes: narrow mindedness, eating fish, smelly people (including too much perfume!), crowds.

Learning: Fashion Design with Retail Management BA (Hons) First Class, Google Squared Online Certificate in Digital Marketing.

Career: Mostly spent working in marketing agencies, specifically digital for the last  five years. Currently taking a career break to figure out what the hell I want to do next. I have got some ideas, so check out my blog for any latest news, or my projects list for what I have been doing recently.

The bio’ bit: I’m a curious and creative geek with interests in many fields and industries. My education started in fashion design, specialising in retail management. I spent my final year working in places like Habitat, and Harvey Nichols London, as I loved the store environment and how it could engage customers and immerse them completely. When I left uni’ I ‘fell’ into marketing and then progressed onto agency work, specifically digital, until I was thirty. The common thread that runs throughout all of this is the fascination of just how people interact, with each other and their environment, be it in real time or digitally.

I had my son nine days after my 30th birthday and since then have been taking time out to work out what I want to do next. I got my high-functioning Autistic diagnosis age 32 (March 2015)  which has answered a hell of a lot of questions about my life and why things that happened took place.

I’m looking for the page to start the next chapter of my life with the understanding I now have. My leaning is towards art and culture or even mental health advocacy. I have some work to do yet, which cannot be rushed, but I am hopeful for the future and my place in it.

 Where you can find me online:

Some of my life in photos: